A Christmas Party with Awesome Entertainment

My boss has been to Christmas parties that I have had at my house, and he was really impressed with the planning that I did for each one of them. He told me that was the reason he wanted me to help him plan the first Christmas party in our company’s history. Before, we would all just get a nice bonus check, and that was it. He saw how festive and fun celebrating the season could be, and he wanted me to be in charge of it. I looked up entertainment for corporate events after seeing the generous budget that he gave to me for the Christmas party.

It was easy to get the hall for the party, and they already told me that it would be decorated for Christmas. They gave me a choice of three caterers, so picking out the one that I wanted to use was very easy too. That just left the entertainment, and I still had a huge chunk of the budget left for that. I looked at a company that provides year-round entertainment in a variety of ways. There are singers and dancers, magicians and comedians, caricaturists and so much more.

When I saw that they have Christmas entertainment, I knew I wanted to find out more. There are acts that focus on Christmas, and then there are others that are 100 percent Christmas, like the Victorian carolers. I knew we needed to have them, as I knew that everyone would love the period clothing as well as the popular Christmas songs they sing. I also wanted to have a band that sings Christmas songs as well as some of the popular songs out today. It was easy to get both of those plus a few things the children attending would like, such as the magicians and the balloon artist. Even with all this, I still had not spent all of the budget!