The Struggle to Save a Family Member

I heard a rumor about my brother that I didn’t want to believe, but I had to know for sure. I heard he was selling drugs with a group of his friends. He posts on Snapchat all of the time, but he keeps his account private from me. In order to find out if my brother was doing what I feared, I had to use a Snapchat hacker to get into his account and look around. I was desperately hoping that everything I heard about my brother was simply wrong, but what I saw on that account confirmed it.

My brother made several posts about what kinds of drugs he had and where people would be able to buy them. Not only was he selling an illegal substance, he was stupid enough to talk about it over the Internet. Even though his account was private, any person could have saved his posts and turned them in to the authorities. I couldn’t believe that he was dumb enough to do something like that. I knew I had to confront my brother about his drug selling, but it wasn’t going to be easy, because he would just walk away and get mad that I was spying on him.

I thought about many ways to approach my brother. I could have come at him yelling and screaming, or I could have tried to gather up some people for an intervention. Instead of these methods, I decided to just talk to him in a normal way while appealing to his emotions and not to mention that I saw his Snapchat account. I went into his room while he was in there and locked the door behind me. I told him that our parents probably wouldn’t approve of what he was doing. I pulled out a family picture of my brother and I with our parents, and he looked at it for a while and started crying.