My Back Pain Was Treated by a Chiropractor

I recently purchased my first home and moved into it last weekend. While I was moving numerous boxes and lots of furniture I hurt my back and have been in constant pain ever since. I thought it would go away after a couple of days to no avail. My sister told me I should see a chiropractor to get some relief from the pain. I have never been to a chiropractor but thought I had nothing to lose by going this route. She suggested a Peoria chiropractor that is not too far from my new home.

As soon as I got my computer set up I looked them up on the internet. They had a very informative website which I thought was very impressive. I read that they can do adjustments on your back that will alleviate the pain. This is all sounded very promising to me and I decided to take the next step and schedule a free initial consultation. My appointment is scheduled for this Friday and I am very hopeful that they can help me and will report back how everything went.

Well, I went to my appointment this afternoon and must say that I am feeling better. I met with the chiropractor and felt very comfortable and at ease discussing my back pain with him. He did some adjustments on my back and told me to schedule another appointment for this upcoming Tuesday which I set up on my way out of his office. I’ll be honest that I was extremely sceptical of this kind of treatment but am now thoroughly convinced by it. I still had some pain but not even close to the amount of pain I was in. He told me it may take a few visits to get more adjustments before it is completely gone. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.