Best Types Of Massage

We all know something about the importance of a good massage and its benefits, but we don’t actually know very much about the types of massage that are being practiced by the specialists. We are certain this is not a profession which can be done by any person and requires some skills gained in years of intensive practice.
So we decided to make a list with some of the most popular types of massage in this moment. Let’s see them and choose from it what we consider is best for us.

1.Swedish Massage
It’s one of the most common types of massage. It’s the one in which the therapist uses in most of the cases circular moves. It’s also one of the most relaxing type of massage. It helps you relax your muscles, eliminate the superficial tension and boost the circulation throughout the body. It’s very efficient in areas like shoulders and back. You can give it a try, nothing bad can happen.
2.Sports Massage
It’s like the Swedish massage but the version for athletes. This type of massage helps them recover from injuries or stress. It can also improve their physical performances.
It’s a form of foot massage that is considered to have a lot of benefits. Some precise points on your feet are being stimulated in this process. It’s very good for people who wear heels or are on their feet almost all day.
4.Aromatherapy Massage
This one also resemblances a Swedish Massage, but it’s done with the help of scented plant oils included in the massage oils. This type of massage promotes very much the relaxation and has a lot of benefits in the treatment of many conditions, like back pain, premenstrual symptoms, insomnia or headaches.
5.Hot stone massage
This particular type of massage uses – just like its name says – warm stones. They are placed on your skin, on specific points of your body. It helps to eliminate the tension acumulated in your muscles. If you have some medical problems it’s best to consult a specialist before trying this type of massage.
6.Deep Tissue Massage
It’s like the Swedish Masage, but done with more intensity. Yet, it doesn’t have to be painful but relaxing. It’s very good in case you suffer from chronic pain or you suffered some injuries that made you lose some part of your body mobility. It helps you deal with the migraine symptoms, back pain and also improves your body flexibility.
7.Thai massage
This is also called yoga massage. You may wonder why it’s called like that. Very simple, the therapist stretches and moves your body in different yoga positions. It’s more like yoga for lazy people.
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